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  1. Which tests do you support?

    Our API allows you to run tests such as Ping (TCP/ICMP), DNS, traceroute, HTTP GET, web page load and video tests. Please check our documentation for more information.

  2. Can I run scheduled tests?

    Yes! Please sign up for a free trial of our cloud performance monitoring product CloudPerf.

  3. Where are the probes hosted?

    All of the probes are on the last-mile and, therefore, represent an accurate picture of the end-user latency.

  4. What hardware do the probes run on?

    We have 3 types of probes which you can access using our API:

    • PC probes - installed on the Windows computers of our users
    • Android probes - installed on mobile phones and tablets
    • Router probes - installed on DD-WRT routers in customer homes

  5. How do you get so many probes?

    We have been in the internet performance testing business since 2007 as our company operates several popular speed test websites. As part of providing speed test solutions to our customers we ask for a permission to use their internet connection to run 3rd party tests. If you wish to check how it works, see one of our probe clients integrated here.

    Our hardware probes are deployed with cooperation with the most popular router OS in the world - DD-WRT.

  6. How can I install a probe in our network?

    The DD-WRT hardware probe can be installed by looking up appropriate firmware for your router from DD-WRT website. After installing the firmware you can enable the Probe by going to Services->Speedchecker menu and enabling the Speedchecker service. Please note that not all routers are supported.

    Here is the list of routers that are successfully running our probe client, if your router is not on the list please do get in touch and we can confirm if it can run our client.

  7. What are the limitations of the free trial?

    We provide a 7-day free trial for the Probe API access - Sign up here. The actual limits on how many tests you can execute during the trial will be assessed on case by case basis.

  8. What is the cost to use the API?

    Please see the API plan pricing here.