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Global Internet testing

We operate a global measurement network spanning over 170 countries. Using our tools and API developers, network administrators and researchers can run tests from thousands of networks to any endpoint accessible on the Internet. All of our probes are exclusively placed on the last-mile and are therefore able to show true end-user experience metrics.

Our measurement network

Wide range of supported network tests

Our API allows tests such as Ping (TCP/ICMP), DNS, Traceroute, HTTP GET, web page load and video tests to be run.

See our documentation for more information

Custom scripting

Our network can handle custom network tests which involve complex testing logic combining different protocols and payloads


Deployed in over 170 countries and thousands of ISPs.

Software and hardware based

We have 3 types of probes that you can access using our API.

  • PC probes - installed on the Windows computers of our users
  • Android probes - installed on mobile phones and tablets
  • Router probes - installed on DD-WRT routers in customer homes


No matter whether you want to run tests on hardware or software probes, the API access is the same, well-documented and tested to allow quick integration into your projects.


Our probes are protected by several levels of limits and safety checks to ensure only trusted measurements that do not cause harm to 3rd parties are allowed to run.