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Server and Router IP geolocation API

Our IP geolocation API provides real-time detection of the approximate IP address geolocation using latency measurements. Whereas traditional IP geolocation services focus on geolocating the end users, our API has been built to detect the IP address locations of servers and network infrastructure.

IP geolocation demo

Comparison of our API and MaxMind

Speedchecker API locationMaxMind
Data freshnessReal-timeMounthly updates
Delivery formatAPIDB/API
End-user IP accuracyN/ACity/Country level
Server/Router IP accuracyUp to 200 kmUp to 10.000 km
Geolocation methodTransparentPrioprietary

Our geolocation method

By operating the world's largest network of testing locations we are able to measure the latency from many different places on Earth. This gives us an advantage in using latency triangulation methods to more accurately determine IP address locations. Traditional methods which are used by other geolocation companies consist of getting locations based on IP blocks assigned to companies. In case of large companies which have their infrastructure on different continents that approach is wildly inaccurate as these IP blocks are typically assigned to the address of the company HQ.

Our method can detect any IP address that has opened a connection to ICMP protocol. By performing latency measurements from many different places and networks we can establish the accuracy of any internet connected IP address. In some cases, especially for Anycast IP addresses, we are able to detect the presence of Anycast and its implications on the location.

Each API geolocation result contains not only location (Incl. latitude/longitude, nearest airport code, city) but also a detailed account of all ping measurements made to establish the location.